1. Core Mandate (Working in emergencies)
Caritas Pakistan is mandatory to respond to emergencies since its inception and during 2015 strategic planning process likewise past, all the dioceses are committed respond to emergencies as the core mandate. Caritas Pakistan intends to respond to the needs of affected population by providing food packages, NFIs (Non-Food Items), hygiene kits, tents and medical services in affected areas. The emergency response will be coordinated with district and provincial government, NGOs/IGOs, UN agencies and Caritas Members Organizations based in Pakistan.

2. Strategies
The basic objectives of emergency interventions are to protect human lives and assets. For this purpose interventions have been designed to evacuate immediately and land them on save place and provide food packs to affected families and extend medical services to affected families especially pregnant & lactating women & provide hygiene kits distribution to improve hygiene conditions of affected households. Provision of community based shelters has also been planned. As per sphere standards WASH services i.e. safe drinking water, hygiene kits and awareness sessions for personal hygiene have been included in emergency & humanitarian thematic area. Furthermore, rehabilitation services for affected communities through vocational trainings, Agri-inputs, trainings and livestock management training are part of the plan.

All emergency & humanitarian activities are designed in collaboration with relevant government departments and UN agencies to provide timely and quality rehabilitation services to affected communities.

To monitor the emergency & humanitarian response activities and to gage the impact of interventions monitoring checklist & evaluation questionnaire has been prepared for monitoring the ongoing activities and document the lessons learned.