Executive Director’s Message

My natural optimism has never unsighted me to the fact that we have got a lot of work to achieve the benchmark level of social change as an organization. In fact it has served to encourage me on to be generous in my efforts being mindful of the present social, political and economic environments which dominate the world stage. We plan for the future, yes, but the only moments over which any of us have control is now. On this Golden opportunity of Golden Jubilee Celebration now is the time and it is up to all of us to shape the present, in full awareness that we are laying the foundation for the next years with wider horizons of development and national impact.

At the significant moment in the living history of Caritas Pakistan, it is important and necessary to remember and reflect on our past as we recall all the people of vision who laid the foundation for an organization, and we gratefully acknowledge their unforgettable role in the growth and development of Caritas Pakistan. In the light of all this accumulated efforts the theme for our Golden Jubilee is “Together We Proceed” setting importance of unity to bring about change in best of community service.

This booklet is intended not only to reflect chronicles of Caritas Pakistan over the 50 years but it also explains the fact that as a nation we are a resilient and resourceful nation with a determined spirit. I would like to use this opportunity to call on all Caritas staff, stakeholders and volunteers to come together during this celebration and to use this “Golden Opportunity” to renew our efforts to achieve the highest level of community development and an opportunity for regeneration of our efforts as well as organization. All those stakeholders and partners who had extended their cooperation and always supported through financial, morally and technically in true spirit of brotherhood and partnership in these fifty years deserve immense appreciation.

To this end, the members of Caritas Pakistan have served professionally and willingly, guided by the Governance structure under the influence of catholic social teaching for positive change in the society. Taking this opportunity I would like to thank Pakistan Catholic Bishop Conference, Archbishop Joseph Coutts Chairman Caritas Pakistan, General Body members, Executive Board, Diocesan Executive Secretaries and staff for their support and cooperation for assisting the needy throughout the country in last 50 Years. I would like to pay special acknowledgment on behalf of Caritas Pakistan to Caritas Internationlis and Confederation members for their support and cooperation. All who had been associated with Caritas Pakistan during last 50 years throughout the country in any capacity deserve special appreciation on the occasion of golden jubilee.

On this occasion, we also remember and pay tribute to all those who have been passed away and served Caritas Pakistan in different capacities over the past 50 years.

Let’s pray to God to give more strength and courage to all of us to be more vibrant in the decades ahead.

God bless Caritas Pakistan and team for good work and commitment.

Amjad Gulzar
Executive Director