Mission, Vision, Goal

Mission, Vision, Goal


    A world transformed by the love of God as manifested in Jesus Christ that brings about justice, peace, and development for all.


    Working with the disadvantaged people for their dignity and progress through Relief and Development Programs.

  • GOAL:

    The goal of Caritas Pakistan is to continue to work with local communities in respective dioceses while exploring additional opportunities to address the effects as well as the root causes of the poverty and empowerment. Caritas is committed to work within the current structures in Pakistan to build local capacity and to facilitate sustainable development.


    The dignity of the human person is our foundational moral value. We seek not to make the poor objects of our pity but subjects of their own development and agents of change. In this way, Caritas makes a manifestation of God’s  love in the world for creation manifest in the world.


Option for the Poor
Caritas Pakistan commits itself to combat dehumanizing poverty, which robs people of their dignity and humanity, and to promote the rights of the poor. We commit ourselves to restore their sense of co-responsibility in building a better world. Caritas listens to the voice of the silent poor, speaks on their behalf, when that is necessary, and, above all, enables them to speak for themselves. We also need to underline the position of women, recognizing that they have to be given their rightful place in Caritas structures.

Universal destination of the Earth’s Goods
Any economic, social, political or cultural structure which opposes or oppresses and prevents change towards justice is sinful. We seek to encourage our membership to redress the balance by working to transform these structures into graced social structures which favor the poor.

Caritas Pakistan seeks to inculcate its membership and its dealings with other non-governmental organizations and global institutions in genuine sense of solidarity, not as a feeling of sympathy but of empathy, of putting oneself in the shoes of the poor and seeing the world from their perspective.

Stewardship of Resources
Caritas Pakistan commits itself to being in solidarity not only with people but with the whole of creation and therefore seeks to act in an environmentally sustainable way at all times. We will steward those resources entrusted to us in an efficient and effective manner, being aware that we have an obligation to behave at all times in a transparent and accountable way – to the poor, the Church and to one another.

The principle of Subsidiarity is one of the foundations of the Caritas Confederation which states that we as a member of confederation will respect the principle of local autonomy for all activities at the local level while, at the same time, helping the whole Confederation to work together effectively and harmoniously in the pursuit of our common mission.

Caritas Pakistan will be placing much greater emphasis on becoming a learning organization in terms of sharing experiences and ideas and on transforming this learning into more effective action.

Caritas Pakistan see our relief and emergency work in the context of integral human development concerns. This forms part of the promotion of the dignity of the human person. In the coordination of relief and emergency programs, we seek increasingly to integrate relief, development, reconciliation, peace building and human rights activities.

Caritas Pakistan seeks to work on the basis of partnership, which should underline all relations between member organizations. Partnership implies a long-term commitment to agreed objectives, based on shared values, strategies and information.

Caritas Pakistan is committed to develop close working relations with Catholic and other Christian, inter-faith and secular organizations which share our vision.

Strengthening Capacity
Caritas Pakistan recognize that we must strengthen the capacity of our organizations to deliver effective programs and services to or on behalf of the poor. We must strengthen our management and leadership at all levels. We must incorporate new technologies in such a way that they are at the service of humanity.

Caritas Pakistan witness to our faith not only in words but in our deeds, the way we act in the world. This witnessing to the wider world implies openness, transparency and visibility. We will ensure that the way we communicate within and outside the Confederation will conform to our guiding values and principles.