Two Days Residential Workshop on Food Security and Climate Change

Climate change issue is now as big as the world, and as local as your back yard. As the issue itself has been expanding, so has the journalistic coverage. Local authorities and their inhabitants are faced with droughts, floods, air pollution, land degradation, deforestation and rising sea levels. In order to address the climate change issue; Caritas Pakistan is organizing a two day residential training on “Food Security and Climate Change” from June 24-25, 2015 at Agriculture Training Centre, Lahore. The workshop started with the introductory remarks given by Mr. Amir Irfan, Head of the Department, Development Programs, Caritas Pakistan. “This training workshop is the continuation and consider as phase II of previous training on Climate Change Adaptation held in November, 2014. The objective of the workshop is to learn about tools to assess local vulnerabilities with respect to climate, natural disasters and food security”. He saidDSC_0194bb

Major components including Climate Change, Global Warming and Green House Affect were discussed in the first session. The workshop comprises of twenty five participants from different fields of work including students, farmers and staff of from different CBOs / CSOs. Ms. Beenish S. Alvi from Spectrum, Islamabad conducted the second session on “Situation and Causes of food insecurity in Pakistan” she further explained the participants to contribute their efforts for overcome the food security issues by practicing kitchen gardening at their homes.


“Caritas Pakistan is very much keen about climate change issue; the latest pontiff encyclical on ecology clearly indicates that it is the time to come together and overcome that climate change issue. A large proportion of our population is vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather conditions such as droughts and floods that are associated with climate change. The recent incidents of hundreds of causalities in Karachi are associated with that worst climate change conditions. Therefore, it is the time of getting united and save our planet by acknowledging the slogan of Caritas Internationalis “caring for creation” said Mr. Amjad Gulzar, Executive Director, Caritas Pakistan”.

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