Chairman’s Message

Many things can happen in fifty years. And so it is that Caritas Pakistan has had its ups and downs and seen some strategic shifts in the past half-century.

Starting with relief work and rehabilitation of refugees in the aftermath of the Indo-Pak war of 1965, CP moved into the development philosophy of the seventies with the idea of bringing developmental change for the marginalized and oppressed through conscientization and awareness. This era saw the creation of the cadre of trained animators and mobilizers as the keep movers for development.

The turn of the century, however, brought into focus the fact that Pakistan, with its many climatic zones, is a country that is prone to natural disasters; that changing and erratic climate is an emerging phenomenon that will only aggravate and intensify Pakistan`s vulnerability. A series of devastating floods, earthquakes and droughts pushed us to the realization that CP had to be prepared to respond to new realities.

In 2011, under the leadership of its new national director, Amjad Gulzar, and the supportive help of our international partners, CP`s disaster management programme was strengthened to include DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) for a large and vulnerable population. CP now has a separate desk for Climate Change with its various environmental ramifications, and teams trained on the diocesan level with the capacity of a flexible response.

Co-ordination and networking with the government has also reached new levels as the work of CP received recognition and appreciation. With CP`s new Strategic Plan nearing completion for 2016-2019, we look confidently to the future to pay our role in the challenges ahead.

Over the years we have had our setbacks that have taught us lessons, and there have been inadequate responses that have made us review our capabilities and strategies.

All this and the continued support to our partners, has strengthened us and made us better prepared to look beyond our first fifty years and take up the common task of caring for our earth and working for a world of love and peace.

+Joseph F. S. Coutts
(Archbishop of Karachi)
Chairman, Caritas Pakistan