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Caritas Pakistan’s message on Nepal Earthquake

A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April, with the epicenter in Lamjung District (north-west) of Kathmandu. Tremors were felt across the region in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan also. So far more than 3200 people have been died and several thousands have been injured. Majority of deaths and damages are in Nepal.

Caritas Pakistan Chairman and the Executive Director share their feelings in the messages below:

Archbishop Coutts

When I heard about the earthquake in Nepal and saw the television, it made me remember the earthquake which hit Pakistan in year 2005. It recalled me that panic situation; the dust, the fear and the aftershocks. Nepal is our neighboring country; I expressed heartfelt “grief and solidarity” over the loss of life and property in Nepal

In this tragic situation, Caritas Pakistan would help Nepal. It is good that Mr. Amjad Gulzar contacted Fr. Pius Perumana (Executive Director – Caritas Nepal) regarding human resource support and technical assistance from Caritas Pakistan. I request everyone to pray for Nepal.

Archbishop Joseph Coutts
Caritas Pakistan

Mr. Amjad
I express my sympathy and solidarity towards the persons affected by the Nepal earthquake. In these moments of deep sadness, I send my sincere commiseration with the mourning families. Caritas Pakistan being a member of sub-region of South Asia has assured any kind of support to Caritas Nepal in terms of technical assistance, human resource etc.

We have requested our all diocesan units to extend their cooperation and support in solidarity with people of Nepal and generate funds from local sources like schools and institutions. In this tragic situation; we are with our Nepali brothers and sisters and want to tell them that “You are not victims – you are the survivors, you are heroes, and you will rebuild your country”.

Amjad Gulzar
Executive Director
Caritas Pakistan

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