International Women’s Day 2016 (Pledge for Parity) Caritas Pakistan

Caritas Pakistan National Secretariat Lahore celebrated International women’s day on 8th March 2016 jointly with Caritas Pakistan Lahore and Caritas Pakistan Multan. More than 50 men and women from different walks of life attended this celebration to mark the special day of women.

Event started with a walk having theme “Women for climate Change” and solidarity with women worldwide who suffer disproportionately from poverty and discrimination. Participants of the walk raised different motivational slogans by holding placards in their hands reflecting different needs and issues of Pakistani women.

After prayer and bible society for women around the globe, Ms Anila Gill Shared theme “Pledge for Parity”(Planet 50-50 Step up for Gender Equality). Economic, cultural and political achievements of women, progress towards gender parity has actually slowed in many places. Urgent concrete actions are needed around the world and especially in Pakistan to accelerate gender parity.

Mr. Estephen David Climate Change Officer said that Women are affecting more from climate change. Women can contribute more to address Climate Change we need to build their capacities and hidden skills through different awareness sessions and trainings. Caritas Pakistan provides better opportunities to Women’s for securing their planet Earth and pledge to women role in the society.

Special Tribute was given to the women beneficiaries of Caritas Pakistan through documentary Mrs. Catherine Nicson participant from Caritas Pakistan Multan said that women segment in male dominating society can prosper through education and skill development. Women Day comes every year and enforces administrative bodies here in Pakistan to think about the women prosperity.

Special Puppet show was performed by Caritas Pakistan Multan and Lahore reflecting the importance of girl’s education. Mrs. Firdous Kamran Participant from Caritas Pakistan Lahore appreciated the men around the globe for giving respect and encouraging their daughter to have equal right for education and progress.

Mr. Samuel Clement Diocesan Executive Secretary Caritas Pakistan Multan and Mr. Roger Noor Allam Diocesan Programs Coordinator Caritas Pakistan Lahore said that International Women’s Day is a global celebration that aims to inspire women across the world. In Pakistan, to raise the dignity and rights of the women against the social evils, we need to welcome the legislation for women’s rights, instead of criticizing such moves but need to change our thoughts and attitude toward women in Pakistan.

Mr. Amir Irfan National Coordinator for Livelihood and Food Security, and Mr. Nadeem Yousaf National Coordinator for DRR and Emergency Response explained women inclusive approach of Caritas Pakistan for gender equality in all Program and interventions

Mr. Amjad Gulzar National Executive Director Caritas Pakistan said we call for gender-balanced leadership, help women and girls achieve their ambitions, respect and value difference, develop more inclusive and flexible cultures or root out workplace bias, everyone – men and women – can be a leader within our own spheres of influence and accelerate change. This International Women’s Day is meaningless unless we don’t acknowledge and appreciate contribution of women in society that profound debt that we owe to the vast majority of women for their outstanding contributions to the prosperity and good image of our country.

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