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53rd Birthday celebration of Caritas Pakistan

Caritas Pakistan completed its fifty-three years of success and celebrated the happiness of birthday at national secretariat. The staff of national secretariat and CPL (Caritas Pakistan Lahore) started the day with a holy mass led by Fr. Rafhan Fayyaz (Executive Secretary of CPL) and thanked God for blessing Caritas Pakistan and its all staff for making marvelous efforts in completion of more than five decades.

Mr. Amjad Gulzar (Executive Director Caritas Pakistan) congratulated all the staff members and shared the history and origin of Caritas Pakistan. “We are ‘One,’ ‘United’ and ‘Proud’ part of Caritas family. We (all diocesan staff) have unique significance, strength and behavior which we are translating into our work especially in emergencies (core mandate), social development and humanitarian assistance. We need to work together for the development of the vulnerable and marginalized communities in Pakistan.” He further said that we need to give opportunity to youth and women so that the organization could come up with more achievements.

The achievements of Caritas Pakistan since 1965 up till now were shown in a documentary that left positive impact on the staff members. Fr. Rafhan said that “Helping others and making them relieved is a great success for Caritas and I am honored to be connected with an organization that stands for the poor.” The event was concluded by sharing individuals’ achievements and valuable suggestion with the cake cutting ceremony in the remembrance of birth of Caritas in Pakistan.

At the same time Caritas Karachi (Diocesan office) also celebrated in the event. Mr. Mansha Noor highlighted the role of Caritas Pakistan in resettlement in Khuda ki Basti. He said still today the people in Khuda ki basti remember Caritas Pakistan and its achievements. The cake cutting ceremony was performed by Rev. Fr. Nazar Nawab, (Parish Priest St. Paul’s Parish), Mr. Mansha Noor (Executive Secretary CPK), CPK staff, skill trainee girls along with others.

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