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Water Tank installation at Bishops House

Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad allocated a Water tank at the entrance of Bishop’s House Railway Road on March 20 for the prevention from Novel Coronavirus in Church premises.

“The facility of hand washes will protect the faithful and ensure their personal safety,” said Mr. Aneel Mushtaq (Executive Secretary) Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad who led the drive of washing hands. He advised the visitors to adopt this habit of hand washing and other preventive measures to save lives amid pandemic. The message was followed by washing hands of sisters, catechists, children and other visitors.

His Excellency Bishop Dr. Indrias Rehmat (Diocese of Faisalabad) and Very Rev. Fr. Abid Tanveer (Vicar General) Diocese of Faisalabad commenced this initiative. The bishop urged all to use the facility at Bishop’s House. Members of other diocesan commissions, Priests, Sisters, Catechist families and visitors will have benefit from this preventive measure, he said.