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A Statement by Executive Director

It has been a month since the government of Pakistan confirmed its first two cases of the coronavirus. To date, more than 800 people have been infected and 6 have died due to this pandemic. The victims include a Pakistani doctor who screened suspected coronavirus patients in the country’s northern Gilgit Baltistan province.

The tragedy highlights the danger to physicians who are putting their lives at stake to save the nation. Prime Minister Imran Khan has already stated that the country cannot undergo a complete lockdown since the poor and daily wage earners will suffer drastically if the government takes the decision. The authorities have now temporarily halted all international incoming and outgoing flights to try to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

We never faced such a situation before. The world was not ready. Yet the solution doesn’t lie in panic. While the researchers worldwide try to find a cure, let us join hands in pray and supporting the measures taken by our bishops and the government. The lockdown offers a chance to live the lent to its fullest and spend time with our family whom we often ignore amid the pursuit of a better future.

As a family and social arm of Catholic Church, Caritas Pakistan lauds the efforts of volunteers and staff risking their lives to serve the needy and protect the communities from the virus. We have already advised them to limit their travel and focus on spreading awareness in local communities. Let us remember victims of Coronavirus by praying and take every precaution recommended by the government.

This is very important to learn and share the accurate and authentic information with your family and friends through the authentic source like WHO and Government health departments etc. Avoid sharing the rumors and discourage the false information on social media. Remember; PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE !