7th Women Conference at Lahore – Gender Equality must become a Reality

The Seventh Women Conference organized by Caritas Pakistan was held on December 10th, 2020 at St. John’s Parish Youhanabad, Lahore under the theme Gender equality must become a reality.

The primary objective of conducting this conference was to provide them an opportunity to learn, share their best practices and acknowledge their services. Women from different fields including sports, advocates, teachers, housewives and volunteers from participated in the conference. The presence of 100 women participants, affirms the dedication of Caritas Pakistan towards women development in Pakistan.

The official welcoming of all the dignitaries, guests and participants was led by Mr. Naeem Naz (Program Coordinator and operational head CPL) and said, “It’s time to celebrate the achievements of women and dedicate this day to all the women and to further encourage them to come up with great work. It is important to empower them as a step towards nation building”.

Mr. Amir Irfan (National Coordinator – Livelihood and Food Security Program Caritas Pakistan) discussed the main objectives of the women conference and presented the contribution of Caritas Pakistan towards community development. “The purpose of organizing women conference is to provide a platform to females to build confidence and to find appropriate solutions of the issues regarding their rights, professional or personal growth and equality,” he said while emphasizing the importance of 7th Women Conference.

Ms. Sana Komal (Project Officer Education) presented Caritas Pakistan contribution towards women empowerment through its different programs. Ms. Rabia Tariq (DRR Project Officer) briefed the women role in emergencies.

Ms. Sana Aslam (Advocate) discussed about the women rights in the light of today’s world in which women needs to get empowered and speak for their fundamental rights in the political, economic, civil, social and cultural spheres and health, education, employment, marriage, family relations and equality before the law.

Pakistan power lifting sisters (Twinkle Sohail, Maryam Sohail, Sybil Sohail and Veronica Sohail were proud to represent nation and inspires women and youth. They urged female participants to struggle in their fields of working and reach to a level where they can inspire others from their personality.

Rev. Fr. Ayub Rehmat urged all to spend more time with their families. According to Mr. Amjad Gulzar Executive director “Caritas Pakistan has always given much importance to women participation at different levels. We believe in women empowerment and thus encourage women to actively participate in different events and activities. I hope you will find this event a good forum for experience sharing, knowing each other and take home good knowledge on emerging issues of women.”