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Medical camp for students of Caritas Community schools

In order to identify the deserving beneficiaries for Covid-19 Emergency Relief, Caritas Pakistan Karachi organized medical assessment checkup camp for students of Caritas Community Schools.

Children from Mir Khan Goth and Layri Sector 51 areas of St. Michael’s Parish of the archdiocese of Karachi participated in the June 6 evaluation.

“The objective of the Medical Assessment Checkup camp was to identify the most malnutrition children to receive the Nutrition food Supplement kits for immunity boosters in critical time of coronavirus impact of the health of the children under COVID-19 Emergency Response,” said Mr. Mansha Noor Executive Secretary Caritas Pakistan Karachi.

Dr. Daniel Bashir young Christian Doctor of Jinnah Hospital volunteered for the checkup of the children as per their height, weight and age. Mr. Sarfraz Anwar, project officer and school teacher assisted. Twenty five most malnutrition children were identified and recommended by the doctor for support of Nutrition food supplement kits.

Mr. Sarfraz Anwar, Project Officer also conducted the hand washing session with children and demonstrated steps of hand washing to all the children. He also shared about the personal hygiene, such as cutting nails, daily bath, using clean towel and brushing the teeth every day to stay healthy amid the virus outbreak.