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“PAKISTAN’S MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT US HUMANITY FIRST” said Executive Director Caritas Pakistan.

Caritas Pakistan is deeply saddened by the demise of Pakistan’s “Mother Teresa”, Dr. Ruth Pfau- a member of the Society of Daughter of the Heart of Mary who has devoted the last 50 years of life to fighting leprosy in Pakistan. In 1996, with her efforts Pakistan was declared by the World Health Organization to have controlled Leprosy, one of the first countries in Asia to achieve this goal.
She simply preached the religion of “Humanity First” through her life. We, the Pakistanis, are very lucky to have such an amazing and marvelous gem of humanity. Words alone are not enough to acknowledge and appreciate her generosity and human work. Hope we all fall into her footsteps and try being good –selfless human being first, and then try anything else. May God almighty rest her soul in eternal Bliss.

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