Diocesan Celebrations on Caritas Day

Caritas Pakistan has been commemorating 55th Caritas Day for the last many years to honor and acknowledge services of Caritas Pakistan to the community. Week long celebrations are being observed from December 8 to 15, 2020 by diocesan units.
Caritas Pakistan Hyderabad staff celebrated Caritas Day on 11 December with cake cutting and prayers for future endeavors to serve human development. Caritas Pakistan Islamabad Rawalpindi on 08 December observed a recollection day with the staff of CPIR in Rawalpindi. Executive secretary CPIR Kamran Sattar urged all to renew the commitment towards organization and do their best for the growth of Caritas Pakistan. Caritas Pakistan Multan team also celebrated Caritas Day last week in the diocese of Multan.
“Caritas Day is also an opportunity to express our solidarity with the poor segments of the society and pay tribute to the stakeholders, staff members, and volunteers who had contributed and are contributing through actions for promoting the Vision, Mission and Goals of Caritas Pakistan,” said Mr. Amjad Gulzar Executive Director Caritas Pakistan.
“We should also keep paying attention to the current challenges of COVID 19, flood, drought and other impacts of climate change,” he said.