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Tents and ration packets for rain affected in Thal desert

Oblate Father Ataa Sultan, parish priest of Derekabad in Thal Desert, located between the Indus and Jehlum rivers, transported villagers to hospital during torrential rain on Aug. 31. Nine-year-old Seher Masih was among three injured when the roof of his mud house collapsed at night.
“He was sleeping on a charpoy [wooden bed] and buried under straw, mud and wooden beams. My son-in-law received three stitches but the boy had minor injuries on his head and neck,” said Seher’s mother thanking the priest for his timely rescue.
Father Sultan joined Bishop Benny Travas of Multan and the diocesan Caritas team to distribute 15 tents and 75 ration packets among residents of desert parishes on Sept. 8.
“We are focusing on sandy areas where all mud houses have been damaged. The farmers were already struggling with one crop a year [in winter] and a shortage of drinking water. Brick kilns have closed due to heavy rains, further affecting the daily wages of laborers,” he said.