Caritas Pakistan is in close coordination with district government departments in relevant affected areas. Caritas Pakistan has conducted meetings with government officials of relevant districts and discussed the losses and damages caused by floods. Government officials have assured full cooperation and will provide security for the relief distribution sites and relief goods. Through CBDRM and other interventions, Caritas Pakistan has already close connections with the local and district government. They were properly involved during the rapid need assessment process through meetings at their offices and field visits in affected communities.

Caritas Pakistan has also built long term relationships with National/Provincial/District Disaster Management Authority (PDMA).  Below is the list of important stakeholders;

  • District Government,
  • Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA),
  • Philanthropists
  • Community Based Organizations and Foundations


Right now there are no CIMOs based in Pakistan, therefore, all information regarding this appeal will be shared through CI and bilateral communication. Caritas Pakistan has made a plan to write to CIMOs have long term interest in Pakistan.


There was a lot of media coverage of flood situation and related incidents in Pakistan at National level and criticism was far more than expected on the local government authorities and departments for the poor performances particularly in urban and semi urban areas. Flood water receded from areas which has taken away the attention of media as well. which ultimately led to no compensation from Government as well. Caritas Pakistan is regularly updating the confederation members through updates and reports. Stories of suffering and vulnerabilities are also shared on social media pages of Caritas Pakistan and news bulletin and newsletter as well.


Caritas Pakistan will continue efforts to mobilize resources to meet the urgent and unmet needs of the affected communities. Distributions of relief packages will continue in affected areas. Regular situation updates will be made available to the confederation members and other stakeholders, seeking support to meet the unmet needs of the affected households to save them from Dengue and other diseases. Join us in helping our flood affected brothers and sisters in need.