Food, clean water for rain affected during Eid

Caritas Pakistan Karachi CPK held relief distributions in flood affected areas after two days of rains during holidays of Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice. The diocesan staff in port city of Karachi distributed cooked food to 500 flood affected households with the help of a local foundation and philanthropists on Aug 12, the first day of Eid.

Disaster management committees (DMCs) and volunteers joined the distribution of cooked food and safe drinking water under project of community based disaster risk management (CBDRM) in different flood effected areas of Sarjani Town, Holy Mary, Younas Goth, Saifal Mury Goth, Shahbaz Goth and other areas of Karachi on August 10-11.

The major roads of Karachi were inundated with rain water and low-lying areas were submerged after a new rain system entered Sindh and heavy rain lashed the city on August 10. The over flooding of the Gujar Nala resulted also in destruction of household items in surrounding areas.
Last month, CPK distributed plastic sheets among 20 families to help the locals to cover their roofs during rains.

Preparedness sessions were organized by Caritas Pakistan Karachi with Disaster Management Committees (DMCs) members. A search & rescue plan was developed by DMCs and emergency contacts numbers were shared.
“The aid expresses our solidarity and deep concern for the troubled faithful celebrating the religious feast,” said Mr. Mansha Noor (Executive Secretary CPK).

Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad also distributed food packages among 40 flood affected households in district Jhang, one the flood prone areas between two Rivers Jhelum and Chanab in Punjab province. On August 1 2019, Caritas in Faisalabad Diocese distributed food packages among 20 families at Chak No. 412 and Chak No.500JB, Union Council 55, Tehsil Shorkot, District Jhang.