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Caritas Pakistan provides students and young leaders with the opportunity to obtain a unique and in-depth perspective on the realities facing in Pakistan by engaging in dialogue, cultural exchange, formation of children’s peace clubs and create awareness about peace building through trainings, sports, theatre and exposure visits. It also provided an opportunity for the students to know about the basic issues of the society and make them able to resolve these issues such as Gender balance, injustice and child labor, usages of drugs and children’s rights. Caritas Pakistan also provides networks of knowledge, support, and advocacy in regions experiencing communal violence and hatred.

The activities are designed to involve youth, women, students, teachers, religious scholars, journalists, government & non-government officials and civil society representatives who can play a vital role in promotion of social harmony in target areas which can result in bringing peace and development among the target communities. The project activities include workshops, meetings, TOT, awareness programs, involvement of school children, teachers and youth, peace education for families, meditation and reflection sessions, peace walk, international peace day celebration, involvement of media, animation, candle vigils, peace convention, women programs, and documentaries and movies.

Caritas Pakistan invited all the schools involved in collaboration along with various Youth groups, International & National organizations, community based organizations, religious leaders and media groups to participate in that event. This festival enables the participants, especially children to contribute in discussions.


This initiative was taken with the vision and to create understanding among school children that in this world all people should be equally respected, fully protected and universally realized the worth.


  • Mobilizing different communities for peace building
  • Focusing on strengthening harmonious and respectful coexistence of faith communities, both inter faith and intra faith.
  • Focusing on building capacity on conflict resolution and reconciliation efforts in conflicts.
  • Focusing on awareness creation within society at large and faith communities in specific on the potential of the faith communities in peace building.
  • Facilitations of peace building processes. Focusing on networking, nationally and internationally on interfaith dialogue and cooperation to secure experience sharing and joint efforts.
  • Facilitations of peace building processes.

Event list:

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1st Annual Children Festival


31st July-01st  Aug, 2013


2nd Annual Children Festival

Renewal center, Lahore

21st -24th May, 2014


3rd Annual Children Festival

St. Bernard Peace centre, Narowal

26-29 Nov, 2015


4thAnnual Children Festival


11th  – 14th May, 2016


5th Annual Children Festival

Mariamabad (CPL)

28th – 30th April, 2017


6th Annual Children Festival

Renewal center, Lahore(CPL)

4th – 6th May, 2018


7th Annual Children Festival

Renewal center, Lahore (CPL)

16th – 18th May, 2019


8th Annual Children Festival


14th December, 2020


9th Annual Children Festival


24th – 26th September, 2021


Ist Even 2013

3rd Event 2015

4th Event 2016

5th Event 2017

6th Event 2018

7th Event 2019

8th Event 2020

9th Event 2021