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 Flood Update: Fifth Monsoon Spell in Pakistan

The heavy rain in Karachi on 22nd of August, 2020 added to the challenges for locals of Yousaf Goth, area of St. Michael’s Parish of the archdiocese of Karachi district Malir.

Urban flooding, disruption in power supply, overflowed drains and roads affected many low-lying areas. Relentless monsoon rains also lashed Punjab last week killing 24 people and injuring 18.

In Karachi, four to five foot deep sewage-mixed rainwater entered houses in Yousaf Goth. Caritas Volunteer Mr. Amin Masih helped peoples and updated diocesan office regarding situation during and after rain. The DMC Members of Sadiq Nagar also rescued the people during today heavy rain. DMC member of Shahbaz Goth used buckets to remove rain water from flooded houses in his community.