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Distribution of Psycho-social Kits among Children

In order to help children through isolation and lockdown, Caritas Pakistan Karachi distributed Psycho-social Kits among 25 children of Caritas Community School in Sadaq Nagar/ Kousar Niazai.

The package included drawing book, colouring book, molding clay buckets, story books, puzzle games, colour markers, glitter sheets, colour papers and paint kit etc. The program held under COVID-19 Emergency Response program also included a session on hand washing. IEC material on hand washing was also distributed.

Mr. Mansha Noor (Executive Secretary CPK) in his remarks encouraged the children to spend their more time in learning.

“The current lock down has restricted movements of children cutting off their socialization, play, and even physical contact. These elements are critical for their psycho-social well being and development. The closure of school has already prevented children from access to learning and limiting their interactions with peers. Children may feel confused and at loss with the current situation, leading to frustration and anxiety, he said.

“Children are becoming addicted to TV, this is not good for their health. An effective time table can help in their studies. The virus outbreak has a profound impact not only in the health and economic situation, but also on the psycho-social well-being of societies.”