Case Studies – Quetta

1. Case Study

Name: Allah Bux
Age: 42 Years
Village: Kach Walari
U.C: Marghzani

In the month of august 17,2022 sudden rain was started and it continued till seven days. Continuously raining took the form of flood. Our houses were made by mud. So, we cannot survive in that heavy rain. Our village, crops and animals were washed away. It was very difficult to live in this situation. Due to flood various diseases spread among elder and younger people.
One day caritas Pakistan Quetta team came for help us. CPQ team had visited in our village and discussed with villagers about situation and made committee there.
Caritas Pakistan Quetta team had distributed relief items tents, hygiene kit, toilet, food packages, kitchen set, wintered kit. these relief items were benefited us.
We want to say thank you caritas Pakistan Quetta team.
Thank you for sported us.


My name is Abdul Ghaffar and I belong to Machi Goth U.C Marghzani District Sibi. I am 35 years old. I am labor. I have three sons and they all are disable.
On 17th August, 2022, the heavy rain has created flood situation. In this crucial situation we have travelled from our village to a safer place that was a main Quetta Sukkur Road which was not suitable for families especially for the small children due to heavy traffic. That was very difficult time for us. We had nothing left food, clothes, blanket and there was not any source of earn. Children were suffering from various diseases. We were hoping for help. We found out that the caritas Pakistan Quetta team was visited into nearest village. We approached them and talked about our condition and requested them to visit our village. Caritas Pakistan Quetta team came and distributed relief items. First of all, they distributed tents, toilet, food packages, hygiene kit winterized kit and kitchen set. Thank you, Caritas Pakistan Quetta team.