Case Studies – Karachi

1 Mariam BibiFrom Shahbaz Goth

I’m very thankful to Caritas Pakistan Karachi who has done a good job for our families.
They helped us in our worst time we consider them as a blessing in our lives, we had nothing in the flood we lost our houses, food, and clothes and we were far away from our needs but Caritas Pakistan Karachi come to rescue us They provide us shelters, day food, mosquito nets, hygiene kits clean water for drinking many thanks to CPK.
And now before few days befIre Christmas again they provided us with dry food, milk, oil, bedding, mosquito net, and a kitchen set. Epically was so happy to see our Bishop His Grace Bishop Benny Mario Travas who came all the way to see happineareour very thankful to Mr. Mansha Noor, Mr. Amir Ro, bin, and also our Parish priest who always become our strength.
And the team of CPK is very strong and nice to us during our bad times thank you so much. Mariam Bibi Said.

Mr Samuel Nadar

In flood 2022 our house and other thing were lost and heavy rain damaged our shelter we were shelter less, hopeless, And very thankful to the team of Caritas Pakistan Karachi they are providing us with food just before few days before Christmas I’m amazed because of the efforts they have done a lot for our families. Caritas Pakistan Karachi is the big support they were standing with us when our houses were destroyed, almost everything was gone.
My family is very thankful to Caritas Pakistan Karachi and 8Xmillie for their excellent coordination and work. We are thankful they provided us with dry food, milk, bucket, oil, and our prior needs, great work with sincerity at the time of Christmas they surprised us with their gifts and love thank you team of Caritas Pakistan Karachi.
And in the future, we requested them to please provide us with proper shelter and warm clothes because it is an open area. Still need your help Caritas Pakistan Karachi.
Mr. Samuel Nadar Said

Akash Javed

Akash Javed a 10 year student of Class 5 of St. John’s primary School (New Youhanabad) expressed his happiness by saying “We are very happy that our washrooms have been fixed as before when we used to come to school and whenever we had to defecate, it was very difficult for us to pass the time because of the bad condition of the washroom we would not go for defecation in the wash rooms and It was affecting our health. We are grateful to Caritas Pakistan for arranging washrooms for us”
Nauman David is 6 years old and is studying in class 3 at St. Teresa’s School. Nauman would often start crying loudly after a break due to defecation, but in no case was he ready to go to the washroom, because the washrooms were smelly, there was no water system and no washroom doors. Under the wash project of Caritas Pakistan Karachi, doors were installed here and the washrooms were cleaned. After which the children expressed happiness. Now Nauman is very happy and whenever he needs to defecate, he rushes to the washroom.
Along with the children, the management of St. Teresa’s School is also grateful to Caritas Pakistan, thanks to which the real problem of the children was solved.

Ms Fouzia (lalo Kheat)

Fouzia Is one of the family who they lost their houses and she admitted that everything was gone jobs, their children’s school, most or the relatives they effective by the encroachment of Government of Sindh. ‘ I was so stressed and sad by this activity disappointed too everything was gone in front of our eyes which we made in so many years it was very difficult to survive in such situation. But in that hard time caritas Pakistan Karachi was stood up with us and became our voice to highlight this issue and it proved again that the team of CPK is with us and done a lot organized a Family Relation Building Through for our families gave us opportunity to turn or sad time in happy moments. Our families are very thankful for Caritas Pakistan Karachi who has done a good job now we are coming up in our normal lives may God bless CPk. Ms: Fouzia said.

Ishtiaq Gill

My name is Ishtiaq Gill I live in Shahbaz Goth and I am a member of DMC Shahbaz Goth. Due to the stormy rains of 2022, there has been a lot of damage due to flood water in Shahbaz Goth and its surroundings. During the rains, the members of DMC Shahbaz Goth went from door to door to inquire about the condition of the people. And the people whose houses were damaged, we were given plastic sheets by Caritas Pakistan Karachi, those sheets were given to those people whose houses were damaged, and in some houses the DMC members themselves went and installed the sheets.
Apart from this, Caritas Pakistan Karachi also provided us with mosquito nets, so that people are safe from malaria and dengue in during the rainy season, and when the drinking water became dirty due to flood water, Caritas Pakistan Karachi provided clean drinking water so that People should not suffer from stomach diseases by drinking dirty water. So, the members of DMC gave all these goods from door to door.
And those who were stuck in the flood water not only got out, but also went and helped some people and vehicles stuck on the super highway.
And all this became possible because Caritas Pakistan Karachi has trained us to do all these things and today, we can protect not only our own lives property but also the lives and property of others.

A Journey from difficulty to ease

In other words, “Shahbaz Goth” is count Karachi city, but the basic facilities of life like water, electricity, gas, etc. are not available here and people are living extremely backward life. Caritas Pakistan Karachi is here among the people through its various interventions.
Through its WASH project “Improving WASH facilities in COVID-19 affected communities of Pakistan”
, Caritas Pakistan Karachi spread awareness among the people here not only about health and hygiene.
In order to provide clean water to the people, Caritas Pakistan has installed hand pump to the people here.
Mr. Dilshad Ilyas (Wash Committee Member) is a resident of Shahbaz Goth who has been living here since the settlement of Shahbaz Goth. Describing the benefits of the installation of this hand pump, Mr. Dilshad said that before the installation of this hand pump, we were facing severe problems in getting water for our daily uses. We had to buy expensive water which we did not get easily. Sometimes we had to walk from a long distance to fetch water. Due to non-availability of water, we could not bathe often and we could not adopt the habit of frequent hand washing. Because of which the often children would have fallen ill and the cost of their treatment would have increased separately. He further said “In such a situation, under its WASH project, Caritas Pakistan not only promoted the principles of hygiene here, but also installed hand pumps here as a basic need of the people.”
Expressing his happiness, he said that thanks to Caritas Pakistan for this hand pump, we have been saved from many problems and the habit of frequent hand washing has also developed among the people here. Due to constant bathing, people here are now healthy.”
On behalf of his community, he thanked Caritas Pakistan Karachi and said that this hand pump is a precious gift to us from Caritas, which we will continue to take care by us.