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Caritas Staff attends Training on “Information Communication Technology for Development”

Five days’ workshop on “Information Communication Technology for Development” (ICT4D) was organized at Caritas Pakistan National Secretariat from 30th September to 4th October.

As humanitarian organizations, it is a dire need of workers to reach to the beneficiaries and collect information for the appropriate implementation of different projects and to transfer data especially in times of disastrous situations.
20 members from all diocesan units and national office including Diocesan Heads and Diocesan Program Officers attended Training to learn the modern technologies from this workshop and to further replicate the outcomes with proper commitment.

Basic terminologies related to ICT4D and its benefits were discussed to improve communication system for rapid data collection with greater efficiency and scalability. The components of ICT4D include, end user, connectivity for communication & database software. The workshop enhanced the capacities of participants to grow in the field of technologies by following CommCare software that results in making and designing of Application.

All Diocesan Executive secretaries appreciated the training team for their dedication and learning. “We should always be committed to learn the new techniques which helps us for making our organization strong by utilizing them for new projects and program. This type of trainings should further be arranged for the field teams. He also congratulated all trainers team for completing this five days’ course” said Mr. Amjad Gulzar (Executive Director).