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Awareness Rising and Door to Door Campaign to beat COVID-19

Under the “Together We Can Stop Coronavirus” project, Caritas Pakistan Karachi organized an orientation workshop and Formation of Group for the distribution of IEC material and Door to Door Campaign with volunteers and core groups on September 25, 2020 at Caritas Pakistan Karachi office.

The Volunteers and Core members traveled from Mir Khan Got, Lyari Sector 35, New Youhanabad, Sadaq Nagar and Kousar Niazai. Mr. Mansha Noor (Executive Secretary CPK) thanked all the participants for joiing the door to door campaign of “Together We Can Stop Coronavirus”.

“COVID-19 is not over yet and people are taking it very lightly so its need of the time to reach to the people and to make them aware that their carelessness can bring covid-19 occurrence again and it could be more destructive than before. Schools are opening and we must realize the importance of taking steps precautionary measures and to teach children to follow the SOPs when they go to their respective schools,” he said.

The teams will be provided with packets consisting of soap and 5 masks for 250 families during the door to door visits. The provision of Megaphones will help in creating further awareness.

Mr. Sarfraz Anwar explained the rules of the door to door campaign and observance of SOPs including face masks, maintaining the social distancing and sanitizing the hands. He said the campaigning group must be consisting of 2 to 3 members.

Five groups were formed from Mir Khan Got, Lyari Sector 35, New Youhanabad, Sadaq Nagar and Kousar Niazai to carry on the “Together We can Stop Coronavirus” Door to door Campaign. Mr. Javed Iqbal, Mr. Sarfraz ANwar and Miss. Sunila Anwar facilitated in group formation.

The groups later developed an action plan mentioning the start and end dates, numbers of targeted families and reporting date to Caritas Office. At the conclusion of the orientation workshop, 250 kits consisting 1 Dettol Soap and 5 masks and 3 megaphones were hand over to the formed groups.