Major Interventions – Karachi

Major Program/ Projects

Animation and Development

The Animation and Development Program is recognized as a major project in the history of Caritas Pakistan at the national level, this program was started in 1991, Caritas Pakistan Karachi implemented that with great success until 2010, in which a large number of animators rendered their services.


Caritas Pakistan Karachi implemented health programs at the community level since 1994 to 2000, in which maternal and child health and midwifery training programs were particularly promoted. Similarly, the Nurse Aid Program was introduced under this program in which a large number of young boys and girls received Nurse Aid training.

Apprenticeship Program

In 1994, Caritas Pakistan Karachi independently started an apprenticeship program to provide skills to the youth, in which boys and girls were taught different skills and supported to find work in different places.
Later, this program of Caritas Pakistan Karachi was adopted at the national level and a non-formal education (NFE) program was started at the national level.


Khuda Ki Basti (Incremental Development Scheme (KKB-IDS) is an internationally recognized innovation in affordable housing for the urban poor
Caritas Pakistan Karachi had collaboration with Khuda Ki Basti-Saiban for the acquisition of plots and the construction of houses in the ongoing project of low cost housing poor class support in Khuda Ki Basti in 1998 to 2001.
During the period, Caritas Pakistan Karachi provided loans to 38 families at easy rates to build houses and linked people with Saiban.

Mangroves Plantation

Due to the indiscriminate destruction of mangroves in the sea, the dangers of cyclones in Karachi have increased. In 2007, Caritas Pakistan began planting mangroves to combat climate change. Since then, Caritas Pakistan Karachi has planted thousands of mangroves to save and protect the livelihood of the fisherfolk communities.

National Level Programs implemented in Karachi Diocese

2000 to 2022 Programs implemented at the national level by Caritas Pakistan Karachi include Animation and Development, Health, Economic Development, Livelihood, Non Formal Education, Community Base Disaster Preparedness (CBDP), Safety and Security, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), WASH, PEACE, One Million Tree Plantation and interfaith Harmony and Education.

Major Emergencies

Caritas Pakistan also responded the following emergences effectively

  • Tasman Oil spillage Disaster 2003
  • Yemin Cyclone 2007
  • Responded to Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Super Flood 2010
  • Responded to Urban Flooding Victims 2017
  • Responded to drought affectees in Gadap 2018
  • Responded to Super monsoon 2020
  • Responding to Eviction in Karachi 2021
  • Responding to Super Flood effetees 2022