To carry out the capacity building of the young people by providing them an opportunity to gain experience of working in a professional environment on development issues particularly those involving communities.

  • Eligibility

Preference should be given to fresh graduates or those just have completed their post-graduate studies and have a special interest or skill that enables them to become useful members of the organization. Age limit for availing CARITAS PAKISTAN Internship is between18 and 28 years. Selected candidate must possess following skills:

  • Qualification – Minimum Graduate or Equivalent
  • Communication both written and verbal
  • Basic Computer skills
  • Duration

Interns will be selected on short-term basis in order to provide assistance for specific work. The time period in this case will preferably be two to six months if approved by the management.

  • Recruitment

Responsibility of recruitment, contract and management of CARITAS PAKISTAN interns lies with Head/Manager Human Resources at the National Secretariat, and with the Diocesan Heads/Diocesan Program Managers in the regions, as per the following guidelines:

  1. The maximum number of interns at any given time will not be more than two at Diocese and National Secretariat.
  2. The monthly stipend for an intern will be Rs.7,000 to 10,000 per month.
  3. Any addition or deviation from 4(a) and (b) can only be through a written approval from the Executive Director.
  • Main Component
  • Contract

A standard CARITAS PAKISTAN internship contract will be used. Condition of service of intern’s TOR will be attached to the contract as annexure and will become the integral part of it.

  • Leave

The incumbent shall not be allowed any leave during the period of performance except sick/casual leave (to the maximum of 4 days for the whole contract period) and all official gazetted holidays. Under special circumstance the incumbent may request the Diocesan Head/Diocesan Program Manager in Regions and the Program Manager HR for additional unpaid leave(s) and have his/her contract extended accordingly.

Travel reimbursements for official travel to the incumbent shall be made in accordance with the Finance Policy.


The head of department requiring an Intern’s support shall fill the requisition form and submit the same with a TOR and Development Plan for the intern to the Human Resources section and the Finance and Admin section at the Diocesan office.

The sources for recruitment of interns will be open application, website, Universities and other Institutes.

The internship candidate should apply through a brief letter and curriculum vitae, indicating subject studied, skills and preferred areas of work.

  • Selection Process

Following process shall be used for the selection of interns

  • Initial screening of applications on the basis of skills and educational criterion
  • Interview and selection by Diocesan Head/Diocesan Program Manager in case of Regions and Program Manager, HR in case of National Secretariat.
  • Contracting

The Head/Manager Human Resources at the National Centers and the Diocesan Heads/Diocesan Program Managers in the regions will approve and sign the contract by initialing each page of the TOR. Copies of the contract including TOR will be provided to HR and Finance Sections.

  • Internship Report

Intern should also submit a report stating what he/she has learnt. Supervisor will add his/her comments/remarks at the end of the report. The tasks performed by intern will be mentioned in the report and it should match the TORs.

  • Certification of Internship

Upon completion of the internship each intern will be issued a letter from his/her supervisor indicating the work carried out and methodology used.


A database of all interns will be maintained by the Human Resource section at National Centre and Finance and Admin section in regions. It will be updated on regular basis including TORs, final report, evaluation report and personal information.
Recommendations for policy renewal/change will be brought before the CARITAS PAKISTAN Management Committee for discussion and approval.

  • In order to provide structure to the internship:
  1. The supervisor should familiarize his/herself with the contract and TOR of the intern.
  2. A schedule of work hours in accordance with CARITAS PAKISTAN practice of 40 hours per week will be mutually agreed with the intern before he/she joins.
  3. As per the entitlement, leave should be agreed upon between the intern and the supervisor. In case of illness or other unavoidable circumstances causing absence, the intern should submit a written application.
  4. The intern should sign the daily staff attendance register and submit monthly time sheet.
  • Keeping the objective of interns in mind, the supervisor should also:
  1. Provide an orientation of CARITAS PAKISTAN and its scope of work, and explain all necessary procedures.
  2. Explain the TOR in detail as well as work related expectations.
  3. Spend time regularly with the intern to discuss plan and progress and sort out any work related problems, so as to ensure productivity.
  4. Provide as rich a learning process as possible.
  • Include the intern in internal work planning and other CARITAS PAKISTAN meetings when appropriate.
  • Share any development related information with the intern.
  • Make necessary arrangements for intern to access CARITAS PAKISTAN emergencies related information.
  • Ensure that an Intern’s conduct at all times is in accordance with the CARITAS PAKISTAN norms and values.