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Conference for Parliamentarians and Politicians on Climate Change

Caritas Pakistan Multan organized Conference for Parliamentarians and Political Leaders on “Effects of Climate Change on Pakistan; issues and solutions” on December 28, 2020 at Flatties Lahore.
Mr. Mohsan Laghari Provincial Minister for Irrigation was Chief Guests. Punjab’s provincial parliamentary secretary for human rights, Mahindar Pall Singh and 10 other provincial assembly members participated. Mr. Amjad Gulzar Executive Director Caritas Pakistan chaired the conference while Mrs. Yasmine Joseph Executive Director Society for relief Development , World Wildlife Fund WWF staff, lawyers, Provincial Disaster Management Authority PDMA officials, government officials and civil society members participated.
The even started with a documentary on climate change and a briefing on Caritas Pakistan One Million More Tree Plantation Campaign. The speakers highlight old design of cities, choked sewerage system as reasons of locust attack, COVID pandemic, smog, global warming, changing season pattern, crippling etc. They suggested adaptation, water conservation, recycling, tree plantations and sensitizing public.
“Caritas Pakistan is one of the pioneers of plantation. The retention of plants is equally important. We have to treat them like pets. Sadly the issue of climate change is often ignored,” said Mr. Amjad.
Mr. Samuel Clement Executive Secretary CPM thanked the parliamentarians for joining the cause. “Most of the climate change issues are government level issues. Disaster oriented laws can help counter global warming and new phenomenon like urban flooding,” he said.