Case Studies – Faisalabad

United WE are Improving

My name is Shabana w/o Afzal, I’m working as a farmer through which I support my family. I live in Chak #148/9L, Tehsil & District Sahiwal with my family. I’m a member of Khushal SHFC, a group of active famers formed by Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad SAFBIN team members in our area. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad SAFBIN team is raising our capacities and capabilities of farmers by conducting different awareness based session, exposure visits and also by distributing different seeds, fertilizers and other livestock management material in shape of cowshed material and vaccinations.
SAFBIN team taught us in capacity building training that how we can preserve seasonal seeds, by adopting organic farming methodologies and utilizing natural resources for best harvesting and cultivation. This training has motivated me and other farmers in my area to join the seed Bank. This training enabled us to work efficiently & fruitfully with great support of each other. After providing basic awareness and raising our capacities now everyone support each other and provide the required & stored seasonal seeds. In the following harvest, the village gets a good crop and enough seeds are saved, addressing the worries of the farmers. As agriculture has changed in the years following the Green Revolution, traditionally open-pollinated seeds that were saved and shared between farmers have given way to hybrid and genetically modified seeds that are owned by seed corporations and they can exchange their seed with other seed bank member. This has changed farming and its economics. I’m obliged to extend by gratitude to Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad for improving our economic situation for our sustainable future.

Awareness Improved Harvesting

My name is Khalid Masih s/o Binyamin. I live in Chak #65/5L District Sahiwal. I and my wife works as a farmer and a member of SHFC.I have 03 acre land and livestock as well. During harvesting and cultivation time period I was used to fertilize my land with chemical and artificial fertilizers and didn’t have awareness regarding green manure and its benefits. Last year Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad SAFBIN team came to our village and started a project SAFBIN project. Being a member of SHFC I actively participated in all the awareness raising sessions, Mr. Shahbaz Ijaz- Village Resource person -SFBIN raised our awareness regarding best organic harvesting & cultivation procedures and practices. SAFBIN team conducted an awareness raising session on green manure in which government officials from agriculture department were invited they briefly explained the benefits of green manure and how we can improve our harvest by using green manure. So, in this session, I have learnt that how I can use green manure in my fields for better and fruitful cultivation of crops. So, I followed all the practices and methodology shared in session and used green manure for my rice crop. I planted the Jantar crop in my field and after cutting it I used it as a green manure. It results in great harvesting of rice crops and through using green manure practices I saved the expense of purchasing chemical/ artificial fertilizer for rice crops. I’m thankful to Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad SAFBIN team for providing us basic and informative sessions for best organic farming, God Bless Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad always.

Bringing a lifetime change by providing education

Mahanor Barkat lives with her family at Chichawatni Chak #42. In COVID-19 her father got infected by contagious virus and passed away. After the significant loss of her father their family’s situation gets worse which results very difficult to fulfill the basic essential for stable lifestyle. Her mother started working as a housemaid for landlords to provide bread to her children’s or to cover the daily household expenses. The financial situation of her family was getting miserable because her mother was earning only 14000/- per month in which she pay all her household expenses. It was difficult for her to pay school due, she requested to the principal of the school to give her concession in her children school fee but didn’t get much favor from school. They were compelled to drop their education, Mahanor was the eldest child of her parents after observing the difficulties and challenges of her mother she started working with her mother as housemaid to support her family.
In a regular Sunday Holy Mass their parish priest made the announcement that Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad was going to open CCS (Caritas Community School) in their area to help poor and deserving children through providing basic education. For Mahanor, this was a miracle, she humbly requested to her parish priest to enroll her name for CCS (Caritas Community School) and shared her desire to get basic education through which she can support her siblings in academic way and family with brighter & sustainable future.
As she continued her education at CCS, now she is getting her basic education in safe and respectful environment. She & her family expressed their gratefulness to Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad team for providing her with an opportunity to get basic education for fruitful & respectful sustained future.

Support to Handicapped

Ms. Saima Ishaq lives with her family at Sahiwal. She works as a factory worker & tailor by profession and support her family by earning 10,000-12,000/-PKR per month. Few months ago she had a road accident in which she got a leg fractured and she was unable to walk or to do her work properly. It was getting difficult for her to go outside and do her daily based work to support her family. Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad team visited their area and conducted awareness raising sessions in which she shared her dire need and expressed her miserable condition that she cannot afford to buy a wheel chair & to support her so she will be able to go to factory and support her family. CPF team enlisted her name for Wheel Chair distribution. His Excellency Bishop Dr. Indrias Rehmat (Bishop of Faisalabad Diocese), Mr. Amjad Gulzar (Executive Director-Caritas Pakistan) & Mr. Aneel Mushtaq (Diocesan Executive Secretary- CPF) distributed wheel chair to Ms. Saima Ishaq. She thanked Caritas Pakistan for their kindest support in the time of dire need.

Healthy Habits Healthy Lifestyle

My name is Rubina Nawaz and I live in 224 RB Malkhanwala, Faisalabad. It is a backward area where majority is poor and there is also lack of basic WASH facilities. I am 30 years old and mother of 2 children. My husband is a daily wager and hardly we hardly manage our kitchen therefore other basic necessary things for a healthy and prosper lifestyle.
Keeping in view the need of the area and miserable situation of the community, Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad team came in my area and conducted a session related Health and Hygiene.
After attending this session, a big difference came in my daily life routine and personality as well.
Through this session, awareness was promoted in women regarding their specific hygiene issues and maintenance of good health through proper diet and practicing hygiene principles. I was one of those participant and got impressed by the method of information sharing in an effective and easy way.
Before this, I was unaware of basic hygiene principles and their importance to maintain good physical and mental health. Through this session, I came to know about hand washing methods and times when it is most important to clean hands. Such other daily practices were introduced which I started applying from the very next day and I saw a difference in my daily routine life and my physical and mental health was improved. I did not keep this habit up to myself but my whole family. I also improved my personal hygiene and from my experience I share it to the other females in my neighborhood and I feel proud that I am positively contributing the society by sharing basic hygiene principles which is assurance of prosper and healthy society.