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Trees For The Earth Campaign

As part of the Trees for the Earth campaign, Caritas Karachi began a reforestation plan on Saturday to rejuvenate ailing mangrove forests to endangered the fisheries sector and contributed to the disappearance of large swathes of the country’s delta areas.
The campaign focuses in particular on the forests of the Indus delta, the sixth largest in the world, which faces ongoing threats from increased development and a growing population.
Caritas Pakistan Karachi staff and Fisher folk community members’ special children planting 150 mangrove saplings at China Creek, an inlet near Karachi harbor.
Mangroves are the backbone of the Coastal communities. The economy and livelihood of these communities can be improved by imitating more schemes of rehabilitations of ecological system along the Coastline through plantations of mangroves,
Caritas will planting the 2000 mangrove trees in coastal areas near Karachi during the campaign to protect the Livelihood of the Fisher Folk Community.

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