In every village, school, parish, college, university, there should be emphasized on tree protection, which will ensure the following;

  • Watering (Timely & accuracy)
  • Avoid Livestock grazing
  • Protection in extreme weather
  • Transportation of sapling
  • Risk of damaging due to development i.e. construction of roads, houses, and factories etc.

Along with aforementioned protection element, Caritas Pakistan has also planned to test a new idea of creating Plant Protection Grill (PPG). Following is the proposed specification of PPG:

  • Length 3 – 5 feet
  • Width 1 – 2 feet square
  • Material Shopping bag waste & plastic
  • Estimate cost 50 (0.50 Euro)

                                                                                                              Collection of shopping bag from communities and schools will be dumped in collection points of the government. All shopping bags will be collected at the dumping site of the government. These bags will be provided to firm to make plant protection grill (PPG).