Pakistan braces to face China’s deadly infection

As Pakistani government prepares to face a possible health emergency in the wake of the fast-spreading coronavirus, Caritas Pakistan is circulating social media messages of safety precautions from novel corona virus.

 “We have urged our volunteers and six disaster management committees to spread the message in poor communities. This is especially important in the port city of ours where eating chewing of ‘gutka’ and paan (betel leaf) and spitting in open is a part of our culture ,” said Mansha Noor, executive director of diocesan unit in archdiocese of Karachi, the biggest city of the country.

Similarly Caritas Pakistan Lahore is coordinating with authorities of Sacred Heart Cathedral to hold awareness seminar for coordinators of Catholic youth ministry and the faithful next week.

Mr. Amjad Gulzar Executive Director Caritas Pakistan has urged diocesan units to stay informed.
“As a development organization, health and public safety is a major area of concern for us. Diocesan Executive Secretaries have been notified to share the latest updates regarding the virus with communities,” he said.

The virus has already killed at least 106 people and infected thousands in China. Government health staff are screening inbound passengers at major airports and border crossings with thermo scanners and thermo guns. A separate team is screening passengers arriving via flights from China.