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Monsoon Preparedness and Contingency Planning Workshop

Caritas Pakistan organized three days workshop on Monsoon Preparedness and Contingency Planning on May 29 to 31, 2018 at Caritas Pakistan National Secretariat, which was attended by 36 members from all seven diocesan units. There was healthy female participation in this workshop along with some of the internees as well.

In the first session, main features of CI Toolkit (Guidance for Emergency Response) were highlighted and in group work exercise, participants identified and presented different essential elements of a given recent need assessment report of Caritas Pakistan, which was admired by the International partners. The participants were educated about different segments of CI Tool kit as well.

Mr. Muhammad Riaz (Chief Meteorologist) explained the working of Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) for forecasting weather and floods. He added how the different models are being used by PMD for forecasting and this information used by the different line departments for different purposes. He ensured his full cooperation for sharing any kind of information regarding his department. The participants also visited Pakistan Meteorological Department to witness the models in working and their systems for weather forecasting.

Caritas Pakistan Karachi shared their experiences to the response of Heat Wave emergency situation in the city of Karachi in past years. Some of precautionary measures for saving lives from Heat Wave were also discussed. Some IEC (Information Education and Communication) material for Heat wave was designed, which will be used for creating awareness in community.

Organizational Contingency plan for Monsoon and Heat wave was also discussed in detail and plan of action was designed in this workshop. It was also planned that all the interventions must be carried out in integration with other programs.

Mr. Amjad Gulzar (National Executive Director – Caritas Pakistan) appreciated the active participation and welcomed the new members in the team. He encouraged all to perform well for their own as well as organizational growth. He also expressed his views that we all need to keep ourselves updated with new skills and knowledge to compete well with the new challenges of the world.

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