Impact Of Deforestation

cliamte 5It’s our basic responsibility to secure the environment for our future generations.
Forests are the backbone of economy, but forests in Pakistan are shrinking due to deforestation and leaving its adverse impact on the environment. Caritas Pakistan organized a session on “Impact of Deforestation” held on 23rd February 2016. 22 people from different field of life attended the session to have better understanding on the issues of deforestation.
Facilitator:Mr. Syed Nadeem Abbas Sub divisional forest officer explained in his interactive lecture session that urbanization, industrialization and business are the major reasons of deforestation. This is an ecological trauma and resulted in Global warming, Land sliding, Flooding, Massive erosion and land barren, ecological destruction. Pakistan required forests for the fulfillment of human needs, economy and to combat climate change.
Mr. Nadeem Yousaf National coordinator for DRR and Response highlighted caritas Pakistan’s approach toward plantation and conservation of environment through orchard plantation and mangroves plantation.
Motivational remarks were given by Mr. Amjad Gulzar Executive Director Caritas Pakistan “Caritas is working for environment and issues of climate change since its inception”. To combat deforestation we need to do combine efforts. We must consider it as our basic responsibility to secure the environment for our future generations by “caring for creation“.

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