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Climate March in Karachi

Climate strikes calls for “climate justice” to be an ethical obligation and not just an environmental issue. Like other countries, Pakistan also contributed in the campaign of “Global week for future” from 20-27th September. 

Caritas Pakistan Karachi staff joined “Climate March” along with a group of people including youth group members, activists, environmentalists and civilians on 20th September and raised their voice through slogans and posters to help stop global warming all across the world. Caritas team highlighted the “Global Catholic Climate Movement” supporting “Social Justice and Care for Creation”.

The Pakistanis are of concern; “To make people aware of the threat that the nation is facing of climate change and there is urgent need to take actions as its impact is at highpoint with growing weather concerns including heat waves, flash floods, melting glaciers and droughts. As Pakistan has been listed the 8th most affected country from climate change as per Global climate risk index 2019.”

The participants desired that the March would jolt those in power to take positive actions in order to combat climate change for protecting the nature for future generations.