Caritas prepares volunteers amid Monsoon in Karachi

Caritas Pakistan Karachi staff held the preparedness session titled “preparedness mitigates disaster” with almost 20 volunteers and members of Disaster management committees (DMCs) on August 9.

The action plans were discussed ahead of heavy rains forecasted in several areas of Karachi from August 9- 12. The volunteers and DMCs were asked to remain streamlined and update other community members about the early warning systems including announcements via electronic media (TV and Radio news, mobile messages) and door to door awareness through calls and whistles.

“Volunteers are vital for Caritas but their service becomes crucial when the disaster prone areas are on high alert. They update the community and prepare them for any situation amid the monsoon,” said Mr. Sarfraz Anwar (Diocesan program officer CBDRM) CPK who suggested several tips to save important documents, dry food items and valuable items from damage.

“Caritas Pakistan always stands with the people in hour of need and we are always available for any assistance in time of emergencies”. The Volunteers and DMCs were also asked to be in contact with the government officials, union councils and other supporting organizations.