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Caritas Pakistan Karachi volunteers rescue fishermen amid cyclone

Members of Caritas Pakistan Karachi (CPK) disaster management committee (DMC) used a rescue boat to save fishermen stranded at sea due to #CycloneShaheen. Ishaq Abbas, a member of the DMC, coordinated salvaging a boat trapped at Somar Goth beach on Oct. 1.

“Its engine had failed. It couldn’t reach the shore due to the strong waves and wind. The locals were distressed amid emergency announcements. With the help of fishing folk, our youth placed it on a wheel cart,” he said. 

Cyclone Shaheen, which originated in the Arabian Sea, caused heavy rain and thunderstorms in coastal areas at the weekend, damaging fishing boats, houses and shops. CPK’s emergency response team also directed DMC members in two villages on the coastal belt to use megaphones and spread early warnings about the cyclone.

“They were urged to save their families and boats last week. Most of the fishermen recalled their boats. Refresher training on rescue, first aid and use of emergency kits usually begins before the monsoon every year. They help reduce the impact of disasters and save lives,” said Mansha Noor, executive secretary of CPK.

Last October, CPK organized a session with persons with disabilities on safety during emergencies in collaboration with the Disabled Welfare Association. In July, 88 people died, 118 were injured and 205 houses were destroyed in flash floods.
Pakistan is among the most disaster-prone countries in South Asia, experiencing frequent disasters such as earthquakes, floods and drought.