Caritas improves competencies of its staff

Team members from all dioceses of Caritas Pakistan gathered at National Secretariat for “Training workshop on competency framework” to understand, maintain and improve the competencies of staff members on 25-27 April, 2019. The training started with 29 participants to get awareness on Core Humanitarian Competency Framework (CHCF). The three days training discussed significant concept of CHCF on quality and accountability with regards to employee of an organization.

Day one focused on principle standard, “Humanity”, “Impartiality”, “Independence” and “Neutrality. Six domains of Core Humanitarian Competency Framework were stressed out to the participants that are very important behavioral components for all staff members in humanitarian response.

Day two briefed about Competency-based HR Management for staff and volunteers, HR life cycle and Caritas Pakistan’s policies, procedures and practice regarding Human Resource Department (HRD). The second session of the day was on the career development of an employee which will benefit the organization. The last session of the day lasted with a group activity on competency-based job description in which participants selected one designation for formation of job description and then took interviews of each other.

The third day was pertained to group activity envisaging on competency-based self assessment in which each staff member assessed his/her self for realizing their strengths, areas of improvement and gaps according to the CHCF domain they fall in. One by one each participant shared their words to improve their strengths and will fill the gaps that will help in organizational and personal development. The diocesan units shared their plan of actions for further working on competency framework at diocesan level.

“We are present here for a cause to reconstruct our competencies to surge in the humanitarian approach and organizational evolution. So set target, stay focused, work hard and achieve the goal,” said Mr. Amjad Gulzar (Executive Director Caritas Pakistan).